Aahari is an online food ordering site in india(HYDERABAD NOW). we strongly believe in “satisfication only relieves hunger,find the balance and plant your feet”,we are here to satisfy your hunger needs round the clock.
so taking care of customers is in our DNA. Unfortunately, it’s not in the DNA of the typical delivery-or-takeout experience. So we fixed it.

Our Motto To assist you with information about food and restaurants which are apt to your requirements. Having someone cook you exactly what you want and then bring it to exactly where you’re sitting is an experience that can’t be described in words. Blissful. Euphoric. Exhilarating. Okay, maybe there are a few words that work. The point is, it’s freaking awesome.

A service that’s 100% free and insanely intuitive to use. A 100% free and insanely intuitive mobile site. Easy re-ordering and pre-ordering. Cash back for future orders through CashCoupon. Exclusive offers and content through our AAHARI programs


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