I have a dog. And I sometimes think of all those wonderful people who own a dog. I wish I could meet them at one place something like 101 Dalmatians a home full of dogs & dog lovers, sharing experiences, tips to dog grooming, dog training, dog food, places to buy dog merchandise. I wish I could share my experiences, the kind of mate I am looking for my dog, coz I best know his likes and dislikes. I wish I knew of the nearest vet to take my dog for his shots, and oh! His food is finishing too… sometimes, I really wish, I had DogSpot — a Spot for all your Dog’s daily needs.

What started as a modest story in 2007, is now on the cover page of some key publications of India. is now India’s most visited dog portal. According to ComScore, is No. 1 portal in India under pet Category. This is yet another example of following ones dream, believing in it and creating a ccie bootcamps success story. Everyone behind is first a dog lover and then an entrepreneur. The passion for dogs is hence a common binding and driving force!


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