EasyPCBackup uses de-duplication technology to ensure that only the changes to your files or new files are uploaded. The data once backed-up is not copied again. easyPCBackup takes care that next time only the new data is joins the old one. And whenever any changes are made in the older data, easyPCBackup changes the backed-up data also. So you don’t need to make changes twice. This saves time, money, and bandwidth and is a better solution for everyone. Once you choose Advance Option, easyPCBackup will take Full Backup of your system. After your initial backup has been completed, all further backups will take minutes, if not seconds.

Once easyPCBackup has been installed, you need not worry about your data. The safety and protection of your data becomes our responsibility. By using easyPCBackup, you can keep your data safe, constantly updated and accessible all the time and at all places.

easyPCBackup not only takes the backup of your computer, but also syncs your various other devices such as laptop, tablet, mobile and even external hard drive. Thus your data in all your devices become safe. And you can access all this data from any part of the world, at any time.


Days Range: 0 - 304

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