Foreseegame is the first ever gaming portal with exciting games, based on prediction. You can predict the winner of your favourite cricket match, or the price of your favourite stock, or the winner of your favourite TV reality show, and more. If your prediction is correct, you could win loads of Cash, and other rewards from the game sponsor.

It is a completely FREE website. You don’t have to pay a paisa to play. You just play exciting games of prediction, have fun, and get rewarded. Again and again and again. So, play till you want, and WIN as much as you can – there is no limit to your excitement and rewards at

To start playing NOW, simply go to homepage, select a game, give correct answer and win exciting prizes. That’s not all. Every time you win, you get reward points. Keep accumulating your reward points and you can redeem them for exciting gifts and rewards very soon. So, come, play some of our thrilling games and let us know your experience. We would love to have your feedback.


Days Range: 0 - 337

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