You often read stories of entrepreneurs who came up with their million dollar idea over a couple beers with friends. Not us. You even hear those feel good stories of college roommates and best friends who start a company together. Not us either. We came together because we believed that there is a lot we can do in the gifting space to make it more innovative, real and easy by enabling customers with a choice of great products, awesome designs and powerful technology. Gifts are for life and our loved ones deserve that special thought. In the Summers of 2012 we got this idea that how difficult was it to send a hassle free gift. And then started some head scratching. We wanted to do something which was easier and can end the confusions we all face while choosing the best gifts, and hence picked up gift vouchers. The first product on sale was the nation giant Shoppers Stop. We still remember that meeting! :) The easiest and best gift options ever, we started offering Gift Vouchers through vouchersmate.


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