Did you know that a saree can be draped in over 100 different styles? That almost 20 meters of fabric is required for a traditional 8 kali lehenga or that it can take up to 6 months to weave one Patola saree? Also, personalities like the Beatles and James Bond have been spotted wearing India’s legendary Nehru Jacket. Astounding isn’t it?

Let’s start from the beginning. When our family and friends abroad talked about missing Indian television – the soaps, the dramas, the news, the hindi movies – it made sense for us, NDTV, as broadcasters, to extend our television channels’ distribution across continents. The response was very positive as people felt connected to India, despite the physical distance. We wondered what else people away from home missed…and then it struck us. It was all the small things that make us Indian. Big red bindis, intricate embroideries, hand spun silks, complex cutwork, simple cottons and the mystery of a perfectly draped saree.


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