“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” These iconic words were spoken by fashion icon Marilyn Monroe. And the girls are all set to conquer…but where are the right shoes?

We, at INTOTO, hope to bridge this gap between your fashion aspirations and making your dream shoe accessible at your fingertips. We have poured our diverse backgrounds and experiences into building INTOTO. It’s a combined, potent pool of MBA, business, logistics, finance and digital marketing expertise. And there’s a little story of how we thought of INTOTO in the first place, which we’d love to share with you.

We had a burning desire to initiate our own entrepreneurial set-up and were exploring ideas. It was not till a movie outing, where we saw a very well-dressed woman wearing awful shoes, that we shrieked ‘Eureka’! We knew we had to channel our intense passion for shoes into our entrepreneurial dream. Months and months of research, designing, team-work and pre-planning has led to INTOTO bringing you the coolest, classiest designs at prices you’ll love!


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