It is indeed a treat to experience luxury in every day living; with just one touch, you can be in love. The ever-evolving brand of Welspun India stays focused to providing its customers with this kind of beautiful and multi-sensorial experience through its range of bed and bath linen. A brand rich with a history of 27 years, Welspun India stands for superior, uncompromising quality and intelligent innovation that add value to a customer’s modern lifestyle. Since its inception in 1985 in Palghar, its products have always been designed (aesthetically and technically) keeping in mind latest trends, changes in modern life, changing needs of the customer and technological advancement. This has been its scaffolding for growth that has catapulted the brand to achieve milestone after milestone and to become the third largest home textile global player today.

But its ascent has been gradual, well mapped, and thought out in small steps and not giant leaps. It has been a brand that likes to listen intently to the changing winds and to the voices of its customers before it makes its transition to new heights. In 2006, it marked two such big milestones – first by acquiring Christy’s from the UK, a brand of towels that caters to the British Royal Family. Its second landmark was achieved when it was chosen to manufacture the prestigious and most sought-after souvenirs in the world, the Wimbledon Towels. Till today, Welspun is the sole manufacturer of these towels and they continue to be produced at the brand’s Vapi plant.


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